Lukas Siaurusaitis

I work for here only 4 months, but I had a good opinion about this company from the start. The most important aspect for me is great organisational skills within the management team and the fact that they take my opinion into consideration. I admire company’s perspective and the way they treat their employees. I feel valuable and encouraged to develop.

Valdas Petraitis

I have worked for many foreign companies, but so far only here I got stability at work. I feel comfortable at work and know that I will always have a stable job. I am a qualified electrician, the work needs to be done with a great care, so I admire that the work is explained in a great detail. The organisational support, quick supply of needed materials and wages paid are according to the standards that I expect from the employer.

Tomas Skujutis

I work with this company for over a year now and I am very happy to be part of it. I am pleased with the work we do, and that I can be in the area that fits my expertise. Work became much easier as I have an opportunity to work with high quality tools and materials. It is easy to work day by day when the people you work with are friendly and kind. Regardless of my age, my employer notices my professional development.