Recruitment & hiring process

Our recruitment process has five key phases including selection of candidates,  interviewing, offering an employment, hiring and onboarding candidate.


Our selection starts with the review  and the categorization of your applications. All of the selected candidates are contacted via the telephone to confirm information that they have provided and to provide any additional information, which might be required by the  candidate. Successful candidates are invited for a face to face interview.


Then candidates are invited for a face to face interview to discuss candidate’s skills, experience and expectations for an applied position. However, there are cases when direct face to face contact is not needed, this can occur due to candidate being the perfect fit for the position and being able to present evidence of all the required job specifications.

Offering an employment

Next, the successful candidates receive a primary formal employment offer. Candidates are always informed about whether their application was successful or not. Also we provide the feedback of interview process as we care about the candidate experience and we value a honesty.


Once a candidate does accept the offer of employment, then we finalize the terms and the conditions of the employment, present important company’s rules and  regulations. Finally, the employment contract is signed by both parties and the official hire is made.


We provide full support in terms of arranging the trip abroad. After the employee arrives,  the employee is greeted by the company’s representative and meets the team. At this stage we also discuss the information regarding transportation to and from work. After all of the arrangements are made, the employee is taken to his/her accommodation offered by the company.

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