For employees

Employee leasing is a very popular solution for personnel management. The employees have an opportunity to work on different projects in various companies, get a competitive salary and gain comprehensive experience. Keep reading to find out about more advantages of working as a leased employee.

One job contract and clear working conditions

The employee sign a contract only with us and works in our partners’ companies on long-term or short-term base. It’s a great opportunity for all to gain professional experience including young people or those who are looking for a part-time job.

Stable workload

Our partners are stable and reliable companies, therefore we can guarantee jobs with constant working hours and workload.  If there is a need our employees can be transferred from one company to another.

New work skills

When you get bored of doing the same things time and again, you stop learning and stop growing. However, working as a leased employee gives an opportunity to enhance your skill set while joining new projects, acquiring new knowledge and changing working environment more often.

Social skills development

In a changing environment, the leased employees meets new colleagues, improve their social skills and grow professional. Better social skills enable employee to better adjust to new situations, gain confidence and develop communication skills. Moreover, working abroad helps improve foreign language.

Have not found a suitable job?

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